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Contract Manufacturing and Assembly

We don?t stop with just providing you the technology and suggested components to use.  We take it a step further and offer our customers full TurnKey and Value Added Services.  Taking advantage of our Contract Manufacturing and Assembly services provides peace of mind that products are assembled under quality conditions and tested to meet your specifications.

International works closely with our customers in planning and executing an implementation model that ensures a smooth business transition. We have extensive experience in successfully transitioning assembly operations while maintaining a focus on uninterrupted customer service.  When you join International, an experienced management team is assigned specifically for your project, and to assist you in any specialized needs that your company has.

Our Capabilities:                              

?Wire Harnessing
?RoHS Compliant Thru Hole and SMD PCB Assembly
?Kitting : From our shelves to your line with all the parts you need.
?Labor Intensive Assembly

All of our contract assemblies are modeled in our El Paso, Texas location.  Here, we take our customers ideas and specifications and transfer them into functional First Article samples.  We evaluate to ensure maximum work flow and create visual work instructions for all of our employees to follow.  We train our employees in live sessions to maximize understanding.

Once approval is obtained from our customers, we electronically store all data, which is accessible from any of our plant locations.  Depending on volume and contract length, International then transfers production quantities to our appropriate plants in the US, Mexico, or China.  The same quality steps and models that were proven in our El Paso location are then repeated and refined in their destination plants.

Discover the benefits and ease of having intensive assemblies done with International.  Have an assembly you are considering to have outsourced?  Contact any International Group associate, or email us at for more information.

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