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Logistics and Warehousing Solutions

In response to the need of our customers, International expanded its services in 2003 to offer Third Party Logistics (3PL Services), Localized Warehousing, and Inventory Management.

We offer our services in our El Paso facility to support Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico.  Our facility offers:

  • Specialized service according to customers needs.
  • Thorough Inventory tracking and process control resulting in accurate counts.
  • Internet-based Inventory Management Software which may be accessed from anywhere in the world.

International 3PL works together with our customers in planning and executing an implementation model that ensures a smooth business transition. We have extensive experience in successfully transitioning shipping and logistics operations while maintaining a focus on uninterrupted customer service.  When you join International 3PL, an experienced management team is assigned specifically for your project, and to assist you in any specialized needs that your company has.


Facility Features:                                           

International 3PL stores its customers merchandise in a clean, safe environment.  International has 2 buildings in the El Paso/Las Cruces/Juarez area, and is expanding soon to California and Northern States:  Our facilities offer:

  • 24 Hour Internet Video Monitoring
  • Truck Bays
  • Truck Ramp Service
  • Fire Sprinklers with 24 Hour Monitoring
  • Burglary and Theft Alarms
  • Secure Access
  • Rack Storage
  • Bulk Storage
  • Ambient Climate Control
  • Freeway Access
  • Close Proximity to Juarez Border Crossing
  • Trained Personnel for BASQ/CT-PAT requirements

Management Software:                         


Developed by our in-house programming staff and patented, International has created the most customizable, reliable, and easiest inventory management software in the industry.  Our system is capable of providing real-time updates to the receiving and shipping of your material, keeping a complete history of all shipments and receipts for tracking, sending email or fax confirmations automatically to multiple recipients when material is received or shipped, and is accessible 24 hours a day.


Any portion of our patented customized software can be altered to meet the needs of any company.  From providing detailed reports, to creating file formats for systems integration, The International Inventory Management System (IIMS) is a benefit to your company?s needs, and saves time. 


Service Capabilities:                              


? Warehousing    
? Distribution 
? Transportation
? Materials Handling
? Shipping Services
? Customizable Web-based ordering and
tracking capabilities
? Bar Code and RF Capabilities
? VMI Vendor Managed Inventories

? Specialty, Customer and Shipping Labels
? Pick-N-Pak
? JIT Delivery Services

We truly look forward to working with you and customizing a logistics plan that you may need.  We welcome you to visit us at our facility, and also invite you take a demonstration of our software capabilities in house or through the internet. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact any of our associates at

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