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Quality Statement

The International Group
Quality Policy

The objective of The International Group is to supply the highest quality products available in the associated industries by utilizing advancements in technology and attention to detail.

Our goal is to remain committed to customer satisfaction by providing the highest level of service, superior quality products a the most competitive pricing, and maintaining lasting relationships with our suppliers, employees, and most importantly: Our Customers.  We attain this goal by reviewing our processes and products to seek continual improvement within the organization.

Our Objectives for the 2005-2006 fiscal year are the following:

1) Customer Satisfaction                   
? Measure customer perception of services
? Measure customer complaints.
? No More than 3 complaints allowed per quarter.
? After 3, a Board Review will prevail

2) Business Competency                   
? Measure error due to individual training clauses.

3) Business Capability by Department
? Logistics: Zero Shipping Errors
? Assembly: No more than 3% scrap
? Shipping: Zero Shipping Errors
? Sales: 100% Customer Satisfaction
? Quality: Zero Product Returns
? HR: Root cause anaysis due to deficiency training

4) Business Capacity                         
? Extended Growth: Increase customer base by 3%
? Expanded Growth: add at least one new product or service yearly.

International strives to meet these goals to satisfy our customers and to keep them coming back.  After all, you are the reason we are here.  If you feel that we are not meeting our goals, or your expectations, you can contact any of our associates with concerns that you may have.

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Quality Statement
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